the gratitude chronicle d.14.2013

all things gingerful

Hello, my name is Krystynna and I am Ginger (a.k.a., a driven perfectionist and overachiever spawned from a long line of likewise controlling and “my way or the highway” human beings).

Now–it is not easy being Ginger. Frankly, it can be rough, what with the overabundance of molten creativity and ingenuity that roils in our veins.

Thankfully, although we are often called “freaks” (and not in a nice way) we are also incredibly resilient–especially when we belong to a pack. I have been fortunate in this regard, not only having been born to one, but befriended by many.

Through the years, I have found my time with them extremely gratifying, because when we are together, I’m not the sore thumb everyone notices and wants to make some kind of opinion about. I get to be sweet little ole me, and who cares if I will only eat a piece of cake cut from the middle or simply must sit in the 14th row down, 6 seats over at the movie theater.

I can drink my 3 packet Splenda French Margarita, mention my latest animal rescue or triumph in the kitchen and get a genuine pat on the back for my efforts, then reciprocate because all of them are magnificent people too, with causes and quirks and an intense desire to manifest a difference in the world.

Which leads me to this: A few weeks back I heard that there was some kind a big deal going on about the redhead gene dyin’ out. (Ok, see here? You just never know when we are gonna revert to our very own back home drawl. We’re cute that way…)

FYI, I’ve heard about this phenomenon before. I think several of our haters are still hoping that if they “leak” this to the news media often enough, it will eventually come true.


All I have to do is text or call someone to prove We Are Here. In Force.

If that ain’t enough for ya, here is the scientific (layman’s version) explanation which should suffice:

I, for one, by the power (in)vested in me, hereby inform you forth with that Gingers are here for good, forever and ever, the end.

This is dedicated to My Gingers: Melanie, Jess, Jamie Amie, John, Dee, Dan, Chris, Laura, Norrell, my Pops, baby sister Mirisa, her mini Littlebug, and my stepmom Beth. I must also include the Gingers-At-Heart Melbalicious, Micah, Blythe, Patty, Drea, Claudi, Kim, my Spicy Chili Lourdes, her mini Izzy, and my beloved crankass sister Stephanie.



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