The Gratitude Chronicle D.6.2013

dogs are more necessary

Hello everybody, I’m Krystynna and I’m an animal rescuer.

It’s not easy… You have to work a “real” job to pay for the honor of this occupation. You’ve got to be strong and I mean real strong, because the things you’ll see are inconceivable–so horrific in fact that you’ll often find yourself questioning the worth of your own species.

It’s maddening, sad, and makes you cry sometimes.

No, actually, it makes you cry a lot of the times. But that doesn’t stop you.

You dry your eyes, reclaim your vision, and move forward as quickly as you can because there are still so many more who need your help.

pups from AAAREscue

Today’s journal is dedicated to All Aboard Rescue, 9News, and all of the Coloradoans who stepped up for these two little guys plus 68 more:

Thanks to y’all, tonight’s tears are grateful ones.

For more information about the dogs pictured in this story, go to


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