The Gratitude Chronicle D.2.2013

Aslan on the bed

Aslan once lived in one of those “homes” on the other side of Cheesman Park that suspiciously resemble a mansion. He wandered way out of his territory one day and got lost. The concerned person who picked him up tried numerous times to contact his family with no response. After several unsuccessful attempts of my own, I took him off his rescuer’s hands.

Within a short amount of time Azi fell in love with the Big Dog Mateo and informed me in no uncertain terms he was staying. In addition to his fondness for hugging and extensive conversational skills, he loved the Big Dog with all his heart and the adoration was reciprocated.

When Mateo died, Azi struggled for awhile. I bought him a toy stuffed German Shepherd to sleep with, but he adamantly ignored it. He cried for awhile, clung to me whenever I was home, then finally settled on snuggling with a wireless router. Yes, it was odd to come home and walk in on the sight of a bereaved cat hugging a piece of internet equipment, but who was I to judge?

He has now abandoned the router in favor of his stuffed animal and the occasional snuggle session with a Golden Retriever named Max. At night when he wakes me up trying to wriggle his way into an alarmingly tight hug, I don’t mind so much, because I am incredibly grateful to be one of his chosen ones.


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