The Gratitude Chronicle D.1.2013

My first introduction to Ann Terry brought Mateo, my beloved pain-in-the-rear and doggie soul mate, Big Dog, and German Shepherd.

The second encounter was a bit more complicated, for she reached down and pulled me up and out of a really deep ditch where I was floundering in despair. During this time period she reminded me daily I’m a capable and intelligent woman and that I. Kick. Ass. As my boss, I never had to ask her the “why” of anything, she always explained it well before I had time to ask and truly encouraged all the strength in me to finally rise up and represent. (Something that to this day I still appreciate about her)

Third time around, she kept her hand on my shoulder as my dear Big Dog passed over, helping me stay strong until the end. She texted me every day for two weeks afterwards to make sure I was ok. When the time was right, Ann connected us to our foster Bat Puppy Chelsea, who became the perfect recipient to lavish our love and care on as we moved through our grief.

Next, she hooked me up with the best landlady EVER, who also happens to be her best friend. Thanks to Ann, I not only have a warm, welcoming, and safe place to live, my girl Singer has a wonderful new Auntie who treats her incredibly well, and a TWO Big dogs to love on. When I come home from work each day, Singer leaps into the air and skips with glee, something I haven’t seen her do for quite some time.

Ann, You do SO MUCH for so many, it is truly inspiring. I have been blessed with you. xo

**This is the first of November’s daily installments on the many things I am thankful for.** kg


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