Big Dreams

I took this at the Eric Church concert on Saturday. I’ve always been one of those “eyes up to the sky” folks. There are quite a few cloud pictures in my possession, but this has to be the best I’ve ever caught.

dream cloud

I’ve been M.I.A. the last 2 months because it was pretty dang hard to get everything I wanted to do Done–what with all that driving back and forth to physical therapy (in Denver traffic) 3 times a week! gees.

Gillespie & Co. has also been growing, one carrot cake, and/or protein bite, and/or decadent double chocolate pie at a time. I always feel incredibly happy handing the goodies off to my clients, because I know they are going to feel happy eating them. It’s all about sharing the wealth people!

At any rate, I think it’s only fitting to make my comeback riding on a cloud and feeling hopeful.

“Big dreams come true just as easily as little ones, Krystynna.”–the Universe


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