Cowboy Cinnamon Rolls

finished product cinnamon rolls

If you ever date a Ginger, chances are this is how she’s gonna tell ya she loves ya.


So when she shows up at the barn with an arm load of these babies for you and your boys, you sure as h-e-double toothpicks better start droolin’. She certainly won’t mind if you give her a big smooshy kiss and bear hug that sweeps her off her feet. Never mind if ya accidentally get cream cheese frosting in her hair? Bring it!

Truth be told, this is another item from my kitchen that not only has a long (and storied) history but its own soundtrack AND certain wardrobe requirements. I mean, I don’t know about you, but who the heck else are ya gonna sing to these gooey cinnamon-y blobs of perfection? (Just pull up a “Best Of Patsy Cline” playlist on if you don’t own any of her stuff.)

Besides the fact, you gotta have your mojo on, epecially if you’re makin’ ’em for your Cowboy. For me that includes my sh**kickers and hat, in addition to my favorite broken in pair of jean shorts. Can’t forget my lucky Gillespie & Co., apron that was hand made special for me by another redhead by the name of Dee.

baking mojo

Now, there are lotsa recipes out there. I just happen to like this one for folks who are fairly new to cinnamon rolls. It’s also a smidge healthier:

(For all of my paleo and gluten-free folks, yep–workin’ on a really good version for y’all and will share once it’s perfect!)

One thing I gotta tell ya, knead the dough GENTLY. Treat it real nice, ‘cuz if you don’t, it will be tough.

After it has risen the first time,  stretch it into a 10 x 12 rectangle, THEN roll it out a little. Also, make sure you don’t melt the butter all the way, just soften it so you can spread it on, because that will keep your filling in place.

rolling cinn roll

I always make marks with a knife in log of dough in the roll before I start cutting, that way, I have 12 fairly even sized rolls to place in the baking pan.

slicing cinn rolls

After they have risen the second time, I always spread whatever butter is leftover on before putting them in the oven. I also take them out just when they’re getting to be a light golden brown. In this Colorado climate, leaving them in too long will guarantee cinnamon rolls that are dry no matter how much dang frosting you put on ’em!

As they cool, whip up your frosting. This recipe is perfect, just make sure you cut it in half for one pan of cinnamon rolls:

After they’ve been out about 10 – 15 mins, go ahead and frost them! Then do your best to eat just one. If you have any left, once they’ve cooled down, cover tightly or place in a sealed container.


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