Knee Deep In The Water Somewhere…

wave photo

Lately I’ve been dreaming lots of dreams about bein’ on the beach.

Sometimes I’m just sittin’ in a lawn chair with a beer at sunset, and others I’m in a full out gazelle sprint with the waves roaring next to me and ocean air whistlin’ through my hair. Those are my favorites. There is something incredible about feeling the power of your legs and the strength of your heart pumping furiously as you fly over the sand at Mach 12.


But when I’m actually (and physically) on the beach, my dreams are much different. Lying on a blanket with the scents of salt air and sunscreen and the rhythmic rush of water puts me into some kind of trance. It’s like I get my whole life–past, present, and future–to page through like my favorite storybook from childhood. I can pause over certain passages, contemplate, and suddenly understand why  I am where I am, and what it all means.

I’m sharing this so y’all won’t be (too) surprised when I hang this sign up someday in the (hopefully very near) near future and disappear for awhile.

When I return you can bet there will be stories, good ones, and plenty of ’em.

back in a minute


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