Hero Hash Breakfast Skillet


MAN breakfast

This is a MAN Breakfast. I mean, it’s got some serious MOJO.

Like-Just-Got-Your-Butt-Kicked-but-Gonna- Jump-Back-Up-and-Save-the-World Mojo.

So, it’s not something to just, you know, make every day or consume lightly. In my opinion, this is somethin’ extra special you’d make for someone you Really Look Up To–you know–Your Hero.

And whether He’s Your:




or, even just Little ole You!


I can promise that any and all parties involved will inhale this with great gusto.

(Oh, and the next time they’re getting their butts kicked all over Metropolis, at Their Darkest Moment, they’re gonna remember you made this for them. So, no matter how crappy it looks out there, they’re gonna jump back up totally BadAss again and Save the World.)

recipe adapted from Sarah Fragoso’s Winter Squash Hash and Eggs in “Everyday Paleo”

2 T coconut oil

1 onion, vidalia, thinly sliced

1 bell pepper, anaheim or jalapeno, sliced or chopped

1 c sliced mushrooms

2 sweet potatoes, chopped or 2 c butternut squash, chopped

4 chopped brats, or 1 steak chopped, or ham, ground turkey, (you get the picture–something Meaty and already cooked)

6 eggs

Saute onion in coconut oil over medium heat, until translucent. Add sliced/chopped pepper. When peppers are soft, add mushrooms, potatoes, and sausage. While mixture is cooking for another 7-10 mins, beat eggs then pour into separate skillet and scramble.


When sweet potatoes/squash are tender, scoop hash onto plate with a spoonful of eggs. If desired, gently mix together, ladle with Sausage Gravy* and *RAHR*


*Someone gave me a ginormous package of really good Brats, so I cooked those up, then made gravy with the drippings. Just add a little olive oil to the pan, and while that’s heating up, stir 2 T of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free flour into 1 c of water. Slowly pour it into the drippings, stirring constantly. Add 1 minced adobo pepper with 1 T of the sauce, 2 t Spanish Paprika, salt, and pepper, and keep stirring. It will thicken into gravy in about 5 mins.


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