Elise’s Friend Heidi’s Friend Mrs. Hockmeyer’s Banana Bread, As Jacked Up by Deb, Then Jacked Again Another Time By Krystynna

Gf Maple Bread

Pretty catchy, huh?

Well, I can’t take full credit for it,

The whole thing began as an AMAZING food blog by this BRILLIANT woman called Deb.

I mean, personally, in my opinion, being Deb and calling yourself Smitten Kitchen is a 100% guarantee of utter fantasticosity.

Here’s the story:

A few years back, as I recovered from the head injury, my much loved and respected neurologist (who now lives in Florida performing research that will really help TBI and  Alzheimer’s patients) told me that I could be creative with my “coping mechanisms”.

You see, with the type of brain trauma I have, emotions can run pretty close to the surface. Being a redhead, uh, that could seriously Not Be A Good Thing. Especially if I didn’t learn how to channel them into something meaningful and productive (ie., socially acceptable).

Training and continuing with competitive triathlon was a given. I started salsa dancing and began relearning all of the Italian opera and Catholic masses I’d sung in first undergrad.

I also spent a great deal of time with my Medicine Man Robert, who gifted my shaky self with a tremendous reserve of composure. (It took a few years but now, no matter how stormy it is inside of me, my focus and calm badass-itude remains intact.)

But, and this is a BIG But, the deal breaker/money maker was my daily and weekly sessions with Deb.

Via her blog of course.

deb at smitten kitchen

Cooking and baking with Deb felt like being in the kitchen with Grandma–which is HUGE when you consider how much I still KEENLY miss her.

Whenever stress levels got too high and anxiety began to rear its ugliness, I could go visit Deb, get some love, make something yummy to share with folks, and clear my head.

Seriously, I’m tellin’ ya this: If you’re freakin’ out, go mix some batter with a big wooden spoon. Clarity and inner peace will return shortly.

banana bread batter

Which brings me to this recipe.


I have the original print out of it still, which is where that awesome title came from. It’s covered will all kinds of gook, but I will reverently preserve It’s Sacredness until it sadly falls apart.

(Loyal to the last whisps and shreds I am)

One thing I’ve learned from Deb is, if something sounds good, throw it in there! If ya don’t like this, use this instead. She’s about the Best cooking teacher I’ve ever had, besides my beautiful granny Ella Margaret.

ella margaret and carl howard

Thanks to that kind of encouragement, I have really grown as a Cook and Baker. From this recipe alone I’ve managed to create 15 alternative versions, all considered “Clean”, including 2 gluten-free and one Major-ly Fabulous and Immensely Popular Maple Cinnamon Bread, pictured at the top.

Now, my friends, it’s your turn.


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