Rugby is a relationship builder, whether ya like it or not.


The game is demanding, the weather harsh, and the coaches even more so. When you’re the only girl and the team trainer to boot, ya make some friends (ie., meet the Loves of Your Life).

I always find myself missing My Boys on this day.

You see on Valentine’s night, I’d meet them on a cold, hard packed and sometimes snowy field to tear it up in preparation for our big St. Valentine’s Massacre Tournament. It’s a weekend long affair which ends with a big keg party.


(The hosts stomp out a disco size dance floor in the snow, and seriously!? Who WOULDN’T brag about THAT to their friends and family when everyone else is talking about either where the Hubs took ’em to dinner? Or how hungover they still are from all the tears they cried into their glass of wine, as they sat on the couch flippin’ channels and feelin’ miserable.)

At any rate, it was comforting to know that no matter what, I always had a “date” that night with 23 of the best guys I know, doing what I love. (ie., Yellin’, Running up and down the sidelines, and Kickin’ people’s Butts!)

I don’t work Rugby anymore, thanks to the whole “Real Job” thing (look how well THAT turned out) but I’ll always love those smelly, annoying, nancy-boys because they loved me back (and watched it too).

As you can imagine, with that amazing level of awesomeness to live up to, the last couple Valentine’s holidays have been DUDS.

So this year, I’m fallin’ on my backup plan, Bruce.


I will share all the reasons I fell so hard for Bruce another time. For now, let’s just say he’s got what I want so I’m goin’ for it.


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