At New Year’s, I was working three jobs, exhausted, lonely, insert negative sounding emotion/feeling here… but I vowed that no matter what happened, I would stay on course, I would keep my vision of Life for myself in the forefront of my consciousness at all times.

“Unshakeable” is the word I’ve chosen to define myself this year.

That skinny man  running in front of the pack is the human incarnation of it. Sir Roger Bannister became an instant Hero when Ms. Hemke (my first real P.E. teacher and track coach) told me his story. She was sharing it in order to encourage me to stick with the team, even though I was the only girl and dealing with a lot of idiot farm boys who were trying to make it difficult.

Imagine listening to “experts” say “Oh, you are really fast, but not THAT fast.” In their opinions, there would never be a 4 Minute “Miracle” Mile. “Whatever”, said Roger, and he kept running anyway.

roger training

The rest is history, right? He went out and did it. He knew what he was made of, he knew it would be hard, but he went out and kicked ass anyway. WIthin the next few years, over 300 people shattered that 4 minute mark too.

Here is what Pastor Joel has to say about Sir Roger: “One man proved the experts wrong, and hundreds ran free.”

Powerful, isn’t it?

Not being one to waste a good role model, I have followed his lead through what seems like endless challenges–physical, mental, and spiritual–smashing other people’s pre-conceived notions to bits and overcoming what many considered insurmountable obstacles.

Awhile back, I was in a car accident. Among other injuries, I sustained a severe closed head trauma that wasn’t discovered until three days later. To spare y’all the ugly details, I’ve spent the better part of eight years working my A** off so that I could have (what I consider) a normal life. Through the struggle and pain of it, Roger has been here, egging me on, urging me to unleash my indomitable spirit and keep going. Despite the odds, I keep moving forward.

Like Babe Ruth says, “It’s hard to beat someone who just keeps trying.”

Well, speaking as someone who’s been set free. I WILL Continue and I Will Stay On Course.

My Life IS going to be what I Make It, and what I Want It to be.


Watch Me.


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