Paula Deen and Jimmy Buffet

farro cereal post

I’m sitting at my table with early morning sun spilling over me, looking into my pretty bowl of cereal, and, uh, to be truthful, not appreciating the loveliness of the moment like I should be.

Sit-down breakfast. There is no multi-tasking with text, email, Facebook, checking voicemail. Just me and Joel Osteen, who currently fills in as my morning Pep Rally. Thankfully, Pastor Joel is really good at what he does, because lately I haven’t had “It” in me to do it myself, and frankly, I would really suck as a person without my morning CissBoomBaRa.

pastor joel

What is that elusive “It”? To be blunt, It is what’s more commonly known as my *ROAR* and excuse me, but WHERE the H E Double Toothpicks ARE You *R*? No, actually I know. Losing a job and the resultant application for Unemployment can be a bit of shock to one’s system.

ui handbook

Yeah, It’s Ok *R*, I understand. Hope you are enjoying the view of the ocean and the Pina Colada’s with Jimmy Buffet? Can’t wait ’til you come home…(the Ginger bravely declares, batting away the unpaid bills and ever looming homelessness that circles maniacally round her consciousness)

What does that have to do with writing a food blog, you ask?

Well, it has to do with the fact that within every Heartbreak, Near Miss, and Disaster lies a blessing. (Yes, *R* it IS a fact, you didn’t know that!?) I now have time to spend in the kitchen working on the recipe stockpile, taking pictures of the process(debacle), then writing a humorous and simultaneously snarky blog. It is but One of many “Yay”‘s I have coming to me now. (until I’m homeless and without a kitchen that is.)

Speakin’ of “Yay!”, look at the Almond Flour I made today! It’s really more of an almond meal, but that’s going to be perfect for Gillespie & Co’s gluten-free muffins and quick breads, mark my words people!

almond meal

When ya think about it, (and brother, I’ve plenty of experiences lately to do just that) it all comes down to this: ya gotta take the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. If ya haven’t been well, ya better start, cuz ya can’t LIVE Life without it.



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